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Tot and Me
15 Months to 3 Years

Tots and Me Gymnastics

Our Tot Classes are for children that are 15months/walking up to 3 years of age. This is a class that the parent participates with the child. This is an excellent class for the children to be introduced to a group setting. They will learn interaction skills with other
children and have wonderful physical challenges set up as structured play with our gymnastics equipment.

The parent's role in the class is to help the child with directions, as well as spotting and guiding them through the different stations that are set up. We will be using special equipment specifically for Tots, and they will always have and opportunity to play in their specially designed pit and trampoline areas! No gymnastics skills are required of the parent, just enthusiasm and a bit of patience!


5 Years And Up

These classes are for Girls and Boys who have an interest in Gymnastics. The children will be able to work on all the equipment in the gym. They will be placed in groups with their friends and be challenged on whatever ability level they currently have. There is never a skill requirement, just a desire to learn about gymnastics.

If a child has previous gymnastics experience, we will work with them to improve and learn as many new skills as possible. If a child has never taken a structured activity, is timid, or has not shown much athletic ability, they too will enjoy learning and experiencing new skills.


Recreational Gymnastics Girls and BoysKinderGym
Ages 3 to 5 Years

Our kindergym program has structured classes designed to create fun challenges while learning beginning gymnastics skills. This is an excellent opportunity for children to learn to listen, watch others, and overcome fears while learning large and small motor movements.

The children will learn many of the terms used in our older classes and will work on all of the equipment in the gym. This is a very good chance for timid, fearful or children who have previously shown little athletic ability or interest will be motivated as well!



Our tumbling classes are set up to help children who are interested in learning Cheerleading skills. The classes involve stretching and flexibility, jumps and a large dose of tumbling. The kids will learn proper progression of skills which will allow them to achieve skills with which they are currently challenged.

KinderGym Gymnastics Program

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